Nightmare of a vampire

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ADRIAN 35 to 45 year-old man
Sandra has been seeing Adrian behind Vlad's back for a few months.
(Vlad is Dracula)
Sandra is not in love with Vlad anymore and leaves him to marry Adrian.
Years pass by, Adrian and Sandra are happily in love and have a 4-year-old
son named Timothy.
Vlad sits back and watches as the years pass allowing Sandra to first have a child and build a family of her own just so he can take it all away from her.
Vlad kidnaps Sandra and she is sacrificed.
Adrian is devastated and is left to raise Timothy on his own as a widower.
Adrian and his sister Tina go through a series of terrifying episodes
due to Vlad sending his gang of vampires to steal Adrian's son Timothy and Tina's daughter Karen. Vlad's plan is to use the children to lower Adrian and Tina into their vampire lair.
There Adrian and Tina discover that there's a whole world of vampires in Barcelona!
He also is surprised to find Sandra! She is alive and well but is a slave to Vlad and is now a creature of the night. They must fight to survive and save their kids!
Adrian must kill what used to once be his loving wife.

This will be 2 dates for rehearsal and approximately 5 Shooting Dates for the lead
role of Adrian.

JANE 27 - 40 Attractive female
A waitress that goes on a date with Adrian
Then after she gets attacked and bitten by a vampire.
She then becomes a bloodthirsty vampire herself and attacks Adrian.
1 day for rehearsal with the cast.
1 shooting date for the role of Jane.

This will be filmed on March 30th and April 5,6,7, and 9!!!
So this is an urgent casting!

All roles are in ENGLISH for this feature film that has a chance to be distributed with a company in Los Angeles and in the UK. This film, of course, will be pushed heavily to international film festivals.
There will be a full production/crew and benefits but there is no pay at this time.
(food, transport, photoshoots, IMDb credit, massive international push to exposure)
A differed payment for the right actor is a possibility though since there will be distribution
contracts!! So the director is willing to make a good deal with the right actor.
This is Galindo's 3rd feature film and if you follow Mayhem Film Kreations you can see that Galindo is a heavy promoter and is very focused on what she is after to accomplish. This is a passion project, but Galindo's style has gotten so far that now there are many eyes watching and a great chance of worldwide distribution on channels and theoretical releases and Netflix. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at Our main focus is to fill this lead role, but of course, if anyone desires to get involved we will be needing small parts and many extras.
Please get in contact with us!

Maria Galindo's IMDb:
Instagram: @maria.galindo_

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Publicado el 15-03-2019