Voice actor (english)

Casting organizado por: Proyect_Karma2 en Madrid

We are looking for a voice actor (English) for a short film.
It's a student film, so we are not allowed to pay for the work. The recognition in the credits and the experience is all what we can offer.
To participate, just record and send to karma.cortometraje@gmail.com these sentences (voice or voice+video, is the same):
1- "Life and chess are alike. You have to struggle since the beginning and, at the end, only death awaits us".
2- "The purpose of the check is to intimidate. However, your adversary may survive the attack and grew stronger. Be careful, then, and think before you act.
It's not necessary a CV or a videobook, but in case you have it, it will be welcomed.
Good luck!!

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Publicado el 29-12-2020