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Audition description:
We are casting for 2 individuals for the “Lola and Rob” YouTube Show. The Show is a serie of Youtube talks about sex and sexuality, from emotions and fun perspective (not sexEd). Show will shoot for 3-6-12 months / 10 day increments. Individuals with special skills, i.e. singer, model, dancer, etc, please advise on your submission reply.

You can cast as a couple (men & women) or along. In case you come alone, we may assign you a partner for the casting. Prepare a 3 minutes monologue about any sex subject. In case you come as a couple, prepare 6 minute talk shared between you two.

English language.

Each Youtube video will be paid cash. Stock options will be as well available.
The casting itself is a non-paid audition, and the material recorded will be used only for the audition purpose.

Roles seeking:
Men and women

You can apply as an individual or already as a couple.
Dates: September 27th, 2016
Location: MOB, Bailen 11, Barcelona. Spain

Apply here:

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Publicado el 17-09-2016